Accounting & Finance


Captevo serves the Financial Services Industry with a gamut of services. The Industry encompasses numerous sub categories like port folio management, money lending, accountings and investment brokers. This industrial sector has ample scope for improvising major technologies to harness business intelligence.

Captevo has ever treated every individual client as new experience and works on the requisites to better the service intelligence which in turn would push sales. Captevo understands that collecting macro and micro level details about customer trends helps in developing customer relationship patterns. Financial Management and Human Capital management are the crux of a successful organization. We have designed and developed tools to harness these vital segments of growth. Evaluating Risk management and understanding the business intelligence results in a better BPM life cycle.

Captevo always strives to achieve the best that should yield optimal outputs in the prevailing conditions. Each of our customers is the king and they must rule the arena with business – related process modeling aided by dynamic strategies.